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Nine Queens provide top quality raw hair from around the world that is highly recommended for its lustrous appearance, smooth texture and eye-catching patterns. Our hair is free from harsh chemicals, bleaches and perms that are often used to give artificial and short term effects. The raw state that our hair comes in allows it to last longer and have more durability. 

Nine Queens understands it can be challenging to maintain Afro-Caribbean Hair. We live in a modern day world where we find many dismissing how beautiful Afro-Caribbean hair can be. 

This is where Nine Queens Ltd comes in. 

Nine Queens discovered that many of the ingredients that are damaging to hair is advertised and targeted at customers with curly or thicker hair types. We also found that many of our families, friends, colleagues and even strangers with similar hair types did not have the knowledge or had the wrong idea of what is damaging and what is good for maintaining length and healthy hair. 

As a result we decided to produce a hair line with all the necessary steps to maintaining healthy hair. 

We care to educate you by providing you with the knowledge to maintain grow and style your hair as you desire - fulfilling its full potential. 

We are a London based newly established Hair Manufacturer providing you with products and free advice enabling you to meet the demanding needs of your hair. This website will direct you with all that you need to care for your tender hair from effective hair regimes to luxury extensions’ and our own organically produced products. 

Nine Queens aim to leave all of our customers satisfied not just with the great quality of our products but with the high level of customer service that we offer.

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