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Hair Journey

At Nine Queens we believe that although wearing hair extensions can be a luxurious experience it is extremely important to take care of your own hair and not neglect it. Nine Queens also believe in making hair care simple in order for it to fit into our daily schedules.



1. Moisturize - Daily

Dry hair snaps and breaks, making it impossible to maintain length.  The ultimate moisturizer is water. This should help you to understand why water based moisturizers are the best for moisturizing your hair.  

Start by moisturizing hair with a water based moisturizer daily to prevent dryness.

Finish by using natural chemical free oil to seal in the moisture.

2. Co-wash - Weekly

Co-washing is washing hair with conditioner, cleaning your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. The aim is to reduce the stripping cycle that washing creates and rather make hair healthier. Because conditioner has less surfactants, it gently cleanses the hair not stripping it of essential natural oils. 


3. Deep Condition - Weekly

Leave conditioner in hair for at least 15 minutes. Use a plastic cap or bag to cover hair as warming up your hair will allow the conditioner to be absorbed into your hair strands. Hair that is deep conditioned is less likely to break and more likely to retain length.


4. Being Gentle

Being gentle with hair is extremely important. Small combs, tight pony tails and heat devices all cause strain and damage to the hair strands causing breakage. Remember treating your hair with care will reduce breakage and allow your hair to grow to your desired length.


5. Shampoo - Monthly

It is still important to shampoo your hair to remove dirt. Try a sulfate free shampoo that will not strip your hair of its natural oils.

 6. Sleep with a satin Bonnet, or protective style




The Hunt for Quality Haircare Products Is Over!

 Treasure Tress is a UK based product discovery box helping girls across the UK and beyond learn how to “love their curls”. Every month, a unique selection of bespoke products specifically designed for curly hair types, will arrive in the post eradicating the tireless task of hunting to find the perfect product.

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