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Hair Care

Caring for your hair extensions can be different from caring for your natural hair but is just as important if you want your hair extensions to look great for longer.

Lace Frontal's

We recommend that you :

  • Be very Gentle with it

  • Use a wide tooth comb or large brush

  • Gently rinse and wash in on direction

  • Alternate parting to minimise shedding in one parting area

Hair Extenions

We recommend that you :

  • Wash and condition weekly or bi-weekly

  • De-tangle hair before washing

  • De-tangle with a large Paddle Brush

  • De-tangle hair from the ends making your way up

  • Avoid using small Combs

  • Use a heat protectant before applying heat

  • Avoid cutting wefts to minimise shedding 

  • Apply weft sealer to wefts to minimise shedding 

  • Colouring, heat and any other chemicals are all damaging and will weaken the hair follicles

Recommended Products


Wavy & Straight Hair


Curly Hair

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